Apple Pancakes

Apple Pancakes

Pancakes, with an Apple Twist!

They always say, eating a good breakfast is key to a successful day and what is better then waking up to fresh baked pancakes? Now you pair that with “an Apple a day keeps the Dr. away” and you will be set. This apple pancake recipe is going to be a hit in any household. Using the sweetness of the apple pie filling will save you on having syrup or butter. The Bake Market’s Cube Cut Apple filling has just a slight hint of spice added into it. This spice plus the sweetness of the apple is all you will need to sweeten up these pancakes.

The Pancake Mix that is Trusted by Professionals

That is right, professional all across North America trust this Pancake and Waffle Mix. Restaurants and hotel chains across the country utilize this mix in there every day offering. Chances are you may have already indulged pancakes utilizing this mix. No need to be a professional to create delicious quality pancakes. This pancake mix is simple to make and fail proof.

If Apple is Not a Favorite, Try Another Flavor

Apple flavors might not be a favorite in your household.  The Bake Market offers other fruit filling pouches that you can utilize in your pancakes. This White Cake Mix is so versatile, you can explore any type of flavor in it. Make sure to check out our line of 2lb pouches of fruit fillings. If  Apple is not your thing, then try Pineapple, or even Raspberry  Don’t forget that this Pancake mix can also double as an incredibly delicious waffle mix as well. By just adding a couple more ingredients, you can have quality professional pancakes and waffles in one breakfast! Make sure to check out our full line of recipes to see what you might be able to make.



3 ⅔ cups of Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix
2 ¼ cups of cold water
1 ½ cup Cube Cut Apple Filling
Equal parts cinnamon and sugar for topping


  1. Add the water and apple filling to the bowl then add the dry mix. Using a paddle, mix for 30 seconds in low speed. If mixing by hand, stir for 30-45 seconds. Batter may be slightly lumpy. Scrape at least one during mixing time. Do not overmix.
  2. Fry on a lightly oiled griddle at 350F for 1 minute and 15 seconds on each side.
  3. Top with more filling (and/or fresh apples) and cinnamon + sugar.